Our Practice Philosophy

Welcome to FOOTHILLS PLASTIC SURGERY, the private practice of plastic surgeon W. John Suber, M.D.

The single most important factor in the success of your care is the plastic surgeon in whom you place your trust. The philosophy that each individual is entitled to respect, compassion and the best personalized care available is the cornerstone of Dr. Suber's practice. This exceptional level of care will be evident at your first consultation, where a relaxed, unhurried environment prevails. Dr. Suber will personally share with you all of the time desired to have your needs and goals fully addressed. You will leave your visit with him fully informed, comfortable and confident that you are in the best of hands.

Dr. Suber's patient-centered practice philosophy is uncommon. First, he offers a comprehensive list of procedures to help you meet your goals, including breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, facelift, body lift, BOTOX® injections, post-bariatric restorative surgery, and more. But perhaps most importantly (and most uncommon), Dr. Suber believes that as the most qualified individual in his office, he alone should perform every aspect of every procedure offered to his patients. Uniquely, this means he alone places (and removes) every suture, ties every knot, injects every unit of Botox or wrinkle filling material (Restylane, Juvaderm). Rest assured that you will not be pawned off to an office nurse or other staff member for any procedure Dr. Suber offers. Rest assured that (unlike elsewhere) there will be no one other than Dr. Suber operating on you while you are under anesthesia. He alone is at your full disposal for every aspect of any procedure performed, personally. Dr. Suber firmly believes that you deserve this exceptional and unique level of care.

In short, Dr. Suber is dedicated to you and your needs. He will do whatever it takes to make your plastic surgery experience, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Dr. Suber's sincere, compassionate nature, coupled with his top tier training, experience and meticulous approach, combine to provide the very best blend of attributes you are seeking in your plastic surgeon.

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Straight Talk on Plastic Surgery

Why This Blog?

Posted by: Dr. Suber

Blogging is a new endeavor for me. And I daresay that if my initial ideas about this long-term project come to fruition, then I anticipate that a great deal of time and effort on my part will be required over the long haul. Consequently, I had to first appraise the merits of the project. In so doing, I first had to evaluate critically and objectively its purpose, and lastly, its potential benefit and value to readers ("Is this worth the effort? Is this worthwhile to the readers?"). Lastly, I wanted to outline some "rules of the game" as a framework so that you, the reader, will better understand the context of the blog. These include things that are true about me as a plastic surgeon and concepts to which I will adhere in my blogs.

I anticipate that many of the topics will cover my thoughts on the latest advancement in plastic surgery, while others may simply be designed to help you better understand what makes me tick as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. In any case, it is always my hope that the information is useful to you so that you are more educated and better informed on a given topic.

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